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Hellenic Team IRO 2019 participation

December 12, 2019

The Makerlab team is the first National Hellenic Team to ever participate to the 21st International Robot Olympiad (IRO), which will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on December 16-20th, 2019.

One athlete in the Junior Category (Tselepis Apollon) and five in the Challenge Category (Angelidis Ioannis, Kretsis Georgios, Tsintza Evangelia, Tsitsimelis Anoros, Vrachoriti Alexandra) will compete in the Robot Gathering game.

The Hellas IROC Team is sponsored and supported by INTESO – INformation TEchnology SOciety (, the National Partner of the International Robot Olympiad Commitee, that represents IRO Hellas, Makerlab, Greece’s leading Educational Robotics and Research Laboratory (,the SERI group of University of Thessaly (, the Regions of Western Greece ( and Central Macedonia (, Serres Racing Circuit (, ITA Group ( and Hellas Digital (


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